Distribution And Franchising Law

The distributorship agreements have similar characteristics to the sales contracts and agency contracts, are continuous, the distributor has the authority to act on his own behalf and on his own account, independent of the supplier of the products subject to the distribution, and the sui-generis (elements of which are not regulated in the legislation. ) is a type of contract.

In franchising contracts, a long-term and continuous commercial bond is established, which envisages the inclusion of independent investors into a system created by the franchisee who has the right of brand privilege and the use of the brand in question, within a certain period, conditions and limits, in return for a determined price.

We have been providing high level legal consultancy services to our local and foreign clients in the fields of distributorship and franchising in many sectors, especially in the medical and food sector. Our aforementioned services are not only during the establishment of contracts; the Continuation and termination of the contract continue.

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