Corporate Law and Contract Law

Gider Law Office offers national or international companies a wide range of services in the field of corporate law and commercial contracts law such as joint venture establishment transactions, corporate structuring, market penetration structuring, corporate management applications and drawing up and negotiating of all kinds of national or international contracts.  

Gider Law Office provides a wide range of legal assistance with its experienced legal experts in the incorporation stage of the company from the selection of the business operation field of the company to matters like drafting articles of incorporation and shareholding contract. In addition, Gider Law Office, together with its business partners with whom it has been working for a long time, assists companies to be established  with accounting and financial matters and offers a legal consultancy service based on a broad perspective with all possible scenarios that companies may encounter and the realities of life.    

Gider Law Office additionally has a great experience in the conclusion, negotiation, drafting, revising and terminating all kinds of commercial contracts (including but not limited to Commercial Sales Contracts, Product Purchase Contracts, Agent’s Contracts, Construction Contracts, Loan Contracts, License Contracts, Labor Contracts and Management, Consultancy and Service Contracts).  Gider Law Office also provides legal services to its clients during their ordinary operations and the termination of their operations. 

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