Gider Law Office was established by Atty. Ahmet Atakan GİDER in 2019 in Sarıyer, İstanbul as the principal place of business. Gider Law Office has offered its clients a fast, trustable and modern legal experience by bringing together dynamism and experience since its establishment. One of the basic principles of Gider Law Office is to move the Client – Lawyer relations out of classical temporal and spatial boundaries, offering a service that is accessible to its clients at any time. Another basic principle of Gider Law Office is to contribute to the business development of its clients by offering a consultancy service in a broad sense along with its legal assistance to them. Gider Law Office does not see its corporate clients or private clients just as a case but does its best to offer solutions they need with roadmaps it prepares considering all possible factors.   

Gider Law Office has rendered service to +100 clients in Turkey, the USA, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands and Iran since its establishment and still continues its services. The main approach of Gider Law Office towards its customers is to develop long-term relations involving multiple different projects with them rather than a relationship based on a single business.  

Gider Law Office is able to give services in all fields of law except for criminal law. Along with this, the main expertise fields of Gider Law Office are as follows: International Distributorship and Franchising Law, Construction and Real Estate Law, Contact Law, Dispute Resolution, Citizenship Law and Personal Data Protection Law. Gider Law Office also give service to the following sectors: Consumer Products and Retailing, Health and Medical, Tourism and Hotel Management, Industry and Manufacturing, Real Estate and Construction, Software and Technology and Petro Chemistry. 

In accordance with the innovative approach principle of Gider Law Office, it may perform joint activities with numerous law offices and business partners sharing a similar principle in Turkey and in many regions in the world. In that way, Gider Law Office goes beyond the standard services rendered to clients and offers privileged services special for each client.


Istanbul Bar Association

International Association of Lawyers

İstanbul Arbitration Centre